Jan A. Nilsson, Ph.D.

B.S. Biology, Pan American University, 1981
M.S. Biology, Pan American University, 1987
Ph.D. Zoology, Northern Arizona University, 1992

Pecan Campus, Room J-2.1204
Office Hours: Posted on the office door.
I have been part of the STC biology faculty since the summer of 1998. After being located at the Starr County campus for over 10 years, my faculty office is since October 2008 located at the Pecan Campus. Online students and Students at the Starr County Campus, since I do not have an office at this campus, may meet with the instructor in the classroom following a class, or -- also including Pecan Campus students -- if the student feels it is a private matter, ONE student at a time, BY APPOINTMENT in my office.
For "office" matters concerning the whole class I recommend sharing this with the whole class, and for hybrid students it may be discussed at the END of regular class time.
However, to make it easier to reach the instructor on a daily basis, for both hybrid students and online students I have an on-line office on STC Blackboard: For matters concerning the whole class use the Blackboard Bulletin Board called Class Help Desk; for private matter use the Blackboard e-mail. Mondays and Wednesdays are the designated "office hour" times when I answer most online messages, but I do my best to answer messages every day. However, I do claim the right to decide if a message is in need of an immediate response or not.
(956) 872-2334
E-mail: nilsson@southtexascollege.edu Students: to avoid drowning in spam to my STC e-mail -- you should use the Blackboard Class Help Desk or e-mail for class business.
Faculty Home Page: Dr. Nilsson's CyberOffice

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Before I joined the full time faculty at South Texas College in 1998 (before 01 July, 2004, South Texas Community College), I was adjunct faculty at Central Arizona College in Apache Junction, at South Mountain Community College in Phoenix, and at Chaparral College in Tucson, all located in Arizona's Sonoran Desert.

STC Courses of Special Interest:
Environmental Biology and General Biology

Research Interests: Taxonomy, Evolution, Ecology and Biogeography of seed beetles, scorpions, and spiders. Horticulture, esp. legumes and palms.

Special Education Interests: (i) Online Education, (ii) Educating students about the REAL world (as an attempt to stop the destruction of the planet).

Community Service: Providing general biology information and specific insect and arachnid information to questions from the general public, universities, and colleges. I also have an interest in solving the local problem of mistreatment of animals, especially dogs.

Consulting: Biology associate, National Encyclopedia, Bra Böcker Publishing Group, Höganäs, Sweden; Text book reviewer: Introductory Biology, General Biology, Invertebrate Zoology, and Environmental Science books.

STC Committees: Biology Department (former) Web Master. Textbook Committe (Biology Department), and Chair, Division Technology Committe (Math/Science Division). STC Virtual Campus Advisory Committee. Chair, Distance Learning/Technology Committee (Biology Department).

Professional Societies: South Texas Faculty Association (TFA local chapter), American Arachnological Society; Coleopterist Society, Entomological Society of America, International Palm Society, Lepidopterist's Society, and Southwestern Association of Naturalists.

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