Investigations (virtual labs)

Only students in the ONLINE General Biology I class will do the the Microscope Virtual Lab. Students in the General Biology I face-to-face class, and General Biology II students, can ignore this page.

What better place is there for the location of online and virtual labs, than Count Dracula's Transylvania castle in the country of Romania? If you have a low-resolution old clunker computer and wish to see the full picture of the castle in Transylvania, scroll down. It is a location where lab stuff is made. When a lab is open -- see the Semester Calendar -- to proceed, click on the links or login to Blackboard...

The link on this page will take you to the various online lab activities you must do, and to the background reading and assignment information. After you have read what you must read, and done the online lab activities -- then you must login to Blackboard, navigate to the Investigations link on Blackboard Plaza, complete the quizzes, and submit them for a grade.




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