-- use it or lose it!

Less educate (because they think less and therefore use the brain less?) have double the risk of getting Alzheimer's disease than people with a college education! (click!). For this reason -- among other reasons, you are going to memorize the figures/lists of terms below -- terms important to understand and discuss biology. Obviously there are many more terms that are important -- but this is a start, and in addition to exercising the brain by memorizing them, it will help you understand some of the concepts discussed in class. The procedure and grading criteria are simple and follow the "all or nothing" philosophy: At some point in the semester, when the class meets in the lab, Inform the instructor that you wish to fill in the quizzes to demonstrate that you have memorized them. (The instructor will provide the test sheets.) All answers must be correct, including spelling. You have THREE attempts per quiz, up to a certain deadline noted in the Semester Calendar or in the Grade Recorder. If you get all terms correct on a quiz you EARN a 100. If you miss one (including incorrect spelling) you EARN a zero.

For ONLINE and HYBRID classes! The Memorization Quizzes in ONLINE on Blackboard, and has been renamed "Memorization Worksheet Quizzes". All quizzes use the "repetition philosophy" to help you learn the figures/list of terms. When taking the quizzes on Blackboard you may repeat each quiz as many times it takes to EARN 100. (You must earn 100 to receive any points for a particular quiz.) The Worksheet memorization Quizzes are located on Blackboard Plaza. (NOTE: In face-to-face classes taught by Dr. Nilsson, the students still take the Memorization Quizzes with the "original" method -- two attempts allowed AT DIFFERENT DATES -- in the classroom. Only hybrid and online classes take the Memorization Worksheet Quizzes located on Blackboard.)

General Biology I Memorization Quizzes

1. All classes
key QuizGB_BuBlaGry_BiolOrg.jpg
2. F-2-F class only
key (pdf) QuizGB_BuBlaGry_Elements
. NOT done this semester
key QuizGB_BuBlaGry_Kingdoms
3. All classes
alt key
4. All classes
key QuizGB_BuBlaGry_CellCy

General Biology II Memorization Quizzes

1. All classes
Biology Mader Fig. 1.2
Essentials Fig. 1.1
Biology Raven Fig. 1.1
key QuizGB_BuBlaGry_BiolOrg2.jpg
2. F-2-F class only
Biology Mader Ch. 31 (Figs 1, 3, 5, 6)
Essentials Ch. 22 (Figs 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Biology Raven Tables 42.1 - 44.4
key QuizGB_BuBlaGry_Tissues.jpg
3. Face-2-Face class only
Biology Mader Fig. 1.5
Essentials Fig. 1.4 Biology Raven
key QuizGB_BuBlaGry_Kingdoms
4. Online only
Biology Mader Fig. 28.3
Essentials Fig. 19.4 (19.5)
Biology Raven Fig. 33.5
key QuizGB_BuBlaGry_Animalia
5. All classes
Biology Mader Fig. 30.4
Essentials Fig. 19.39
Biology Raven Fig. 35.39

The following figures are for use by online General Biology I students, to replace the memorization quiz figures in the damaged memorization quizzes (due to transfer from the old Blackboard platform). These are also the same for F-2-F students, however, F-2-F students also has the 'Elements' quiz, which is NOT included here.

Keep this page open when you take the memorization quizzes. (Do not use the Respondus Lockdown browser -- it will not let you keep this page open...)

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