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Keep in mind -- for both General Biology I and II -- that you need to work with a general biology textbook. All general biology textbooks cover the same concepts, so it does not matter much what general biology textbook you have -- BUT YOU MUST HAVE A TEXTBOOK (hardcopy or online).

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General Biology I Learning Resources

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Learn Res quiz 10 (PDF)

General Biology II Learning Resources

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Link to "List of 30 top environmental concerns

View the YouTube video!

"Use the amazing brain you have."

Brief general information about the Learning Resources and the YouTube videos used in the class...

General Biology I and II sections taught by Dr. Nilsson are webenhanced/hybrid/ (blended) or online classes. These classes have Reading Quizzes located on Blackboard. This page only has links to the Learning Resources and some information.

The Learning Resources are used by all General Biology I and II classes -- webenhanced/hybrid/ (blended) or online classes. Below is "brief information" about the Khan Academy and it's sponsor Bill Gates.)

View the YouTube video!

Bill Gates talks about the Khan Academy on the Gates Notes

One of the Learning Tools in the Learning Resources for this class is the YouTube video lectures at the Khan Academy -- supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has this mission, "to help you learn whatever you want, whenever you want, at your own pace."

These videos -- and other videos -- on topics relevant to each concept and/or textbook chapter are used in all classes -- webenhanced/hybrid/ (blended) or online classes -- taught by Dr. Nilsson. In the webenhanced classes the videos are used in the physical classroom, and in the hybrid/online classes in the cyber classroom. The idea is that the videos allow the students to listen to the lectures initially without taking notes -- except maybe for some key terms, and then on their own review the videos and even pausing the video lectures in order to take notes.

General Biology Blackboard Learning Resources Details (for webenhanced/hybrid/ (blended) or online classes)

(This information below and the Learning Resources links can also be found in the Learning Resources folder on Blackboard.)

To access Blackboard Reading Quizzes you need a password. For more information navigate to this page.

The Learning Resources page is an overview of the concept topic. Most will have web links and YouTube videos in addition, supporting the most important concepts from a specific general biology textbook chapter.

Take the assessmen (quiz) (see the Grading Criteria for detail about the assessments) when you are ready. The Blackboard Reading Quizzes (face-2-face students have an option to select non-Blackboard assessments) are not really tests, but rather a worksheets with about 10 - 15 questions -- intended to be REPEATED. You have plenty of time to finish a Blackboard Reading Quiz (usually 4 hours -- exceptions exist). You are allowed to use the textbook or the Internet -- actually you SHOULD use your textbook to help your learning. You may take a Blackboard Reading Quiz as many times as is needed to score a minimum 90. Not until you score 90 will the next quiz become available. When you have passed all quizzes you can used them to study for the Endterm (Final) Exam. However, the quizzes will disappear at some point near the end of the semester as indicated in the Semester Calendar.

In this manner you will progress until you have covered all biology concepts you are responsible for this semester (see the Syllabus) If you score below 90 the grade zero will be recorded, and you will not be able to access the next quiz. You must REPEAT the quiz. If you score a 90, and you later wish to attempt the quiz again, to make sure you know all answers before the final exam, you may do so, as long as it is done within the calendar dates noted in the Semester Calendar.

The following information is for Face-to-Face classes only.

Face-to-face classes, non-lab class meetings, outline:

--------- Beginning of class attendance roster -------------

1. Concept Overview


2. Memorization Quiz (class split into groups is necessary)

---------- Memorization Quiz roster ------------

3. Concept Drill

---------- Concept Drill roster ------------

4. RAAC (recommended activity after concept drill -- to be done any time before next class period).

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