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Geography Information Page

Due to a Blackboard "bug" -- some semesters -- some figures cannot be seen in the first two Geo Drills. It may be browser related. Geo Drill 3 appears to always be OK.

If this should happen, for a temporary (?) solution click on GeoDrill 01 figures due to Blackboard "bug" , and GeoDrill 02 figures due to Blackboard "bug"

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x Geography Drills: Geography is important, if for no other reason, to understand the maps in your textbook, and to earn a good grade on the second part of the Endterm (Final) exam.

x The Geography Drills must be taken online on Blackboard -- you have an unlimited number of times within the calendar due dates to earn the minimun grade required. The drills are located in the Geography Drill folder on Blackboard Plaza. The due dates of the drills are noted in the Semester Calendar. There is no make-up for a missed Geography Drill.

x Geography Drill 1 will not be available until you have earned a minimum 90 on Textbook Reading Quiz 05 (chapter 5 covers biodiversity and the biomes of the world).

x After earning a minimum 90 on Textbook Chapter Quiz 05, Geography Drill 1 will be available.  You can attempt Geography Drill 1 as many times as you wish, as per the Semester Calendar. Geography Drill 2 will not be available until you have earned a minimum 90 on Geography Drill 1.

NOTE: The Geography Drills must NO LONGER be taken with Respondus Lockdown Browser. The instructor has been told that the browser is now working properly with the Blackboard platform used by STC...

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x Endterm Exam: At the end of the semester, you must answer geography questions on the Endterm (Final) Exam on Blackboard. You are responsible for the geographical locations listed in the Geography Spelling Worksheet.

x Spelling: Since all the Geography Drills are on Blackboard, to EARN points all geography names must be spelled as programmed in the Blackboard quiz software program.

x Password: There is a password on the Geography Drill. The password is: exam (case sensitive).

x Click on "This is not an English class" button below for scope and grading criteria for the geography test .

During previous semesters some students have complained that points are deducted for misspelled geography names. Is this an English class? Well, you tell me, but it certainly is not a Spanish class, a German class, or 3rd grade in elementary school. (Make sure you watch, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" below.) You may want a strong cup of coffee when you read the page, and also the page called "The Nature of Geography Quizzes". (It is an old posting -- not everything pertain to present semester classes, but may still be useful reading for students who don't understand that spelling is important -- at least if you want to call yourself an educated person.)

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x You should probably also read the two pages linked to below. Note the worksheet -- not intended to be submitted for a grade, but for your perusal to practice spelling the names you are responsible for.

x What geography names and locations should you know? Well, as an educated person you should know much more than you will be tested on in this class, but for this class you are responsible for the names listed in the worksheet.

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Maps with names:

Students may use these maps to learn the names on the four maps with numbers listed below, or use the maps in the textbook appendix. (Depending on your computer resolution the world map text may be hard to read.)

World map -- w. names
Europe map -- w. names
Middle East map -- w. names
Southern North America -- w. names

Maps with numbered blanks:

These are the four maps used for the Geography Test. Note: To make sure that students learn the LOCATION and not just blindly memorize numbers, the numbers on these maps will not be the same on the test.

World map -- Blanks
Europe map -- Blanks
Middle East map -- Blanks
Southern North America -- Blanks

Legend -- for maps with numbered blanks (above)

Large black numbers -- CONTINENTS
Small black numbers -- COUNTRIES
Large outlined numbers -- U.S. STATES
(only on the Southern North America map)

Other maps and helpful material:

Some more helpful maps you may select to help you study.

Simple world map with continent names
My son's kindergarten map. Did you learn geography in kindergarten? x

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Even more helpful material you may select to help you study.


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