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All quizzes are located in the Reading Quizzes folder on Blackboard. You may attempt each Reading Quiz as many times as you like within the semester calendar date limits. When you start Quiz 1 no other quiz will be available. The quiz questions will open up one at a time. You submit the answers for grading one at a time. When you score minimum 90 percent on Reading Quiz 1, Reading Quiz 2 will become available on the quiz hub page, and so on when you progress Reading Quiz by Reading Quiz throughout the semester. Note that in order to score grade points for Reading Quiz 15, you must score a minimum 90 percent , even though there is no other quiz following after it...

When you finished Reading Quiz 15, you should start preparing for the Endterm (Final) Exam, part 1 mostly based on the Reading Quizzes, and part 2 based on the Geography Drills. For instructions see the Final Exam page on the Environmental Biology hub.

As long as you do it within the date limits set in the semester calendar, you are allowed to attempt all reading quizzes as many times as needed to score a minimum of 90 percent within the semester calendar date limits. You can view the results of your quiz attempt on Blackboard. Your answers will be displayed and whether you answered correct or not -- but the correct answer will not be given. If an answer is marked wrong you need to go to your textbook (perhaps use the INDEX), think about the question, and find the correct answer -- at least if you plan to attempt the quiz again.

You are allowed to use the textbook when you take the quizzes. The quiz questions are supposed to help you learn the material, and help the instructor control that you are actually reading the textbook, i.e. studying.

x Students will EARN 100 on quizzes with the grade 90 percent or better. Students will get a zero on quizzes not completed with a score of 90 percent. Students finishing all quizzes with minimum 98 percent will EARN extra points (excellence points) on the chapter quiz assignment at the end of the semester. Unfinished quizzes do NOT qualify for an incomplete grade. Plan your textbook reading / quiz taking accordingly!

If you have questions use the Class Help Desk. But don't ask questions without first reading the online instructions -- CAREFULLY!

Dr. Nilsson

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