Online Open Book Reading Quizzes

This is not really a "hub page". There are no links to the
"take home" Reading Quizzes. All quizzes are to be taken
on Blackboard.


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There are 15 reading quizzes, ROUGHLY one for each textbook chapter (there are presently 16
chapters in the newest textbook edition used), available on Blackboard in the Reading Quizzes
folder, AFTER passing the Start Quiz with a minimum of 90.

These "take-home quizzes" are not really tests, since you will, or at least are allowed to, look up
the answer/information in your textbook. A take-home quiz is a study guide/work sheet to the
textbook you are reading. Because these take-home quizzes are study guides/work sheet, they are
NOT something you sit down and finish the day before the due date. You work with a
take-home quiz during the whole "testing" period, until it is finished! (You learn!)

The number of questions for each quiz varies between 10 questions and 35 questions. You are
allowed 4 hours on each quiz. Each quiz may have slightly different approach. Some have
mostly multiple-choice questions, while another is mostly true or false questions. Some quizzes
require reading the body text, other quizzes spend most of the time on figures or tables.

The quizzes must be taken in number order. You must score a minimum of 90 percent
before you can proceed to the next quiz. You may attempt each quiz as many times needed
to score 90 percent, as long as it is within the semester calendar date limits. Some students will
not necessarily obtain the highest possible score the first time. The idea is that by
responding several times to the quiz questions (if you have to) learning will
take place. The questions are supposed to help you learn the material, and help the instructor
control that you are actually reading the textbook, i.e. studying.

You can view the quiz and your answers, if you wish (but not the correct answers
-- you must find those yourself), on Blackboard after taking it the first time. This is also part
of the learning process, to figure out how to use the computer and the online resources.
Some of the questions may not appear in the same order when you take the quiz repeated
times, and the multiple-choice question answers may be in a different order.

The number of questions does not indicate the importance of a chapter. Some very important
chapters have only few questions. You are allowed to use the textbook to answer the questions,
but you must work the quiz yourself.
It is OK for students to help each other with quiz questions
in between quiz attempts -- giving hints or textbook page numbers. Cooperation between students,
or other persons, when taking a quiz is NOT allowed (although this is obviously not possible
for the instructor to control). HOWEVER:

You are NOT allowed to give quiz answers on the Class Help Desk!

When you start Quiz 1 no other quiz will be available. When you score a minimum 90 percent
on Quiz 1, Quiz 2 will become available, and so on when you progress quiz by quiz.
As already stated, before Quiz 1 will be visible you must score a minimum of 90 percent
on the Start Quiz.

For more about the Start Quiz,
click on the link to the "Welcome -- Start Here!" and then scroll down to number 1.

At the end of the semester, you must take the Endsemester (Final) Exam. The Final Exam
will be available online at the end of the semester as noted in the Semester Calendar.
For instructions see the Final Exam page on the Environmental Biology hub.


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