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"The Serve": LEARNING

Learn (def. Am. Heritage Dictionary) v.
To gain knowledge, comprehension, or mastery of through experience or study.

The contemporary theory of biological evolution is one of the most robust products of scientific inquiry
(The American Association for the Advancement of Science)

First a short note about what the Environmental Biology textbook say about this. A General Biology textbook avoids the controversy completely -- evolution is part of the course, and creationism and/or intelligent design is not mentioned because it is not science. Go to textbook page 41 in your textbook (ed. 9) "A Global Concern". (For General Biology students and students using the shorter "Principles of Environmental Science", just read this, I have provided scanned copies of the most important parts of the text.) Read the section with the subtitle "Detecting pseudoscience relies on independent critical thinking." Pay attention to the paragraph starting with ", The most important strategy is to apply critical thinking as you watch or read the news" because there are so many ignorant, and uneducated people listening to, as the textbook calls it at the bottom of the page (first column), "junk science".

Most of the evolution material in the full, more expensive environmental biology textbook is in chapter 4. In the shorter it is mainly in chapter 3. But again I have provided scanned copies of the most important parts of the text in the full version, go to textbook page 83 or read this, the section with the subtitle "Does acceptance of evolution preclude belief in a God?" (Bottom of page, first column.) What is the answer?

"Also, the dedicated pursuit of scientific knowledge deserves our respect, and we should never be close-minded or dismissive of scientific claims if ever they seem to threaten our understanding of God's revelation to us." (Bishop Raymundo Pena)

A General Biology textbook has a much more extensive and detailed coverage of evolution, since it is necessary for all biologists to understand evolution and its mechanism. A textbook in General Biology does not even bring up religious viewpoints, because evolution is a given fact. Today, if you don't accept evolutionary hypotheses you cannot be a biologist -- at least not an educated one, as can be seen in the statement by the American Association for the Advancement of Science below.

Statement by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

"The contemporary theory of biological evolution is one of the most robust products of scientific inquiry. It is the foundation for research in many areas of biology as well as an essential element of science education. To become informed and responsible citizens in our contemporary technological world, students need to study the theories and empirical evidence central to current scientific understanding."

AAAS Board Resolution on Intelligent Design Theory. (Emphasis in bold added by the instructor.)

We have established that learning is important and that evolution is one of the most robust products of scientific inquiry.

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This is a science class, and the established scientific community has established that EVOLUTION is a integral part of QUALITY SCIENCE. Due to the history of problems with religious students becoming offended by this subject -- here at STC and across the United States -- before you proceed to the next chapter a quick reminder:

The evolution discussion for which you are reading these chapters is NOT about God -- it is about EVOLUTION and -- since there are so many future teachers in this class -- about education, and the ongoing clash between religion and science in shaping the understanding of the world we live in -- the world we live in TODAY, not the world as people understood it 2000 years ago.

It is possible to discuss these topics without introducing God into the topic. The instructor, as the discussion moderator, prefers that God will be left out of the discussions. However, if students post messages including God in the various discussion topics (not necessary because evolution is REAL with or without God), it is not the moderators responsibility to stop such messages. If this offends you, DO NOT RESPOND TO SUCH A MESSAGE. However, if you respond to such a message, you must understand that, like you, other participants also have the right to respond to YOUR messages. You cannot later withdraw from a particular topic you selected to participate in and claim that you are offended.
You had the option to write a term paper, where you would only be exposed to your own thoughts, and the web sites you selected for the paper. (Religious web sites only permitted.)

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