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x Internet is a good thing?

x In this class many reading assignments have x videos. It is best if you have fast Internet connection if you attempt to watch them. Sometimes video links disappear. Like the one just below (left like that on purpose, since it may still be educational to click on it). It is out of this instructors hands, there is really nothing one can do when that happens, except replacing them when one discovers that they have disappeared. x has lately done updates to "encourage" people to view the videos on their web site rather than "embed" videos. This is very inconvenient, and have cause many videos to "disappear"...


This is NOT the instruction page for hybrid / face-to-face classroom video attendance.
Click the button below for that instruction page if you are a student in a hybrid / face-to-face class...


x Video Viewing

x The x videos you will watch in this class is excellent educational tools. Don't skip them -- they will reinforce the learning and make it easier to learn certain topics -- the x videos have been selected to help you learn. The x videos has been selected with the intent to expose you to certain areas of related concerns -- as selected by the instructor.

x STC computers or library computers usually have the speakers disabled, so in order to hear the x videos you must use headphones. Many students use their iPod earphones.

x The nature of x is such that videos and/or sound of videos disappears often without warning. Pick another one. These videos are just to give students an idea about the topic and what to discuss. If you don't like a video or cannot see it, find your own discussion ideas on the Internet. The x videos you are watching are actually NOT located on my web site or on Blackboard. They are all located on x -- only LINKED through a process called "embedding" to my web site or Blackboard. If a video disappears I try to replace it -- if I notice. (I appreciate if you inform me if a video has disappeared -- IN THE CLASS HELP DESK. I will then decide if it needs to be replaced or not -- this depends of course on how important the video is...)

x I personally don't remove these videos -- unless I don't want students to view them anymore (but then I remove the whole link with screen and everything). Since they are NOT really on the class pages. The person who posted them on YouTube may removed them, or the web masters at YouTube may removed them -- usually because of some copyright problem or violation of posting rules.

x Which Videos Should You Watch?

x video note: I hope you will watch all x videos (that work). However, because all students do not have access to high-speed internet connection at home, you are not required to view all x videos, and there are no longer any mandatory videos (one reason for that is that they disappear -- as we know). Pick the videos you think look interesting, and that works. The idea is to help you think about the topic -- not that you should discuss that videoIf you do not have high-speed Internet connection it is recommended that you use an STC computer to view these videos. Hybrid students and students in Face-to-Face Web-Enhanced classes will watch some of the videos during classroom meetings.

x I am trying to remove old instructions to view "mandatory" YouTube videos. If you find one -- ignore. Again, pick the videos you wish to view yourself, to help you think about the topic . Since there are several, don't worry if a particular video is not working -- again, that is the nature of YouTube. Enjoy!

Dr. Nilsson


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