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The cartoons are used for educational purposes by Dr. Nilsson, South Texas College, scanned, from The Monitor, McAllen.

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Video Attendance in the classroom

This page is directed to students in the hybrid classes (sometimes called "blended" class) -- who view videos in the classroom (online students can ignore this page).

We must have order in the classroom, so to avoid problems with students arriving late and disturbing the class during video viewing and test taking, read this page carefully. Don't like this policy? Drop the class, or register for the online class.

If you are doing class work online, at home, you can do whatever you feel like -- or don't feel like, any time during a 24-hour period, and in your pajamas if you like... x But you come to class on time, and you pay attention to normal classroom rules -- if you plan to remain in the class... x

xCome to class on time!

All videos start 15 minutes after the time you registered for the class, except if notified otherwise. All videos sessions have a 15-20 minute break after about 1 hour.

To avoid having you miss grade points, keep in mind the following:

The videos are set-up to expose students to certain areas of environmental concern -- as selected by the instructor. To receive the attendance point for viewing classroom videos, a video must be viewed from start to finish. Students arriving after the video has started or leaving before the video is finished, or leaving during the video, or coming back late after the break, will NOT receive ANY attendance points for that video.

Only student attending the videos, on time, not leaving the room during the videos, returning on time after a break, or not leaving early, will EARN video attendance points.

There is only one method to make up a missed video: make arrangements to attend another class.

You are not graded on whatever reason it was you missed a class meeting for, nor on some sort of make-up. You EARN your grades on assignments and participation in the course as intended by the instructor.

Every semester there are students who think that showing up for class on time is not important. For this reason here is a comment about tardiness. If you miss the start of the video -- with 1 second -- you miss the points, so it is probably best to show up early. BE ON TIME -- as per the teaching philosophy of this instructor I will not let students disrupt the videos by walking in and out the door after the video has started. Except for laboratories, instructors cannot lock STC classrooms, unfortunately. If you walk in late I cannot stop you -- since we live in a free country, but you will not receive any grade points. Remember this, if you are one of those students who always show up a couple of minutes late: (I am using the 6PM class as an example. Your class time may be different.) The class starts at 6.00pm, in reality -- if you miss the start of the video with only 1 second, you are already 15 minutes late!

Students who show up late for a class, or leave early, or leave the room to make a phone call, demonstrate to the instructor that they are not really interested in what this class is about -- the phone call is apparently more important. If you are not interested, at least pretend that you are, because a negative behavior will affect the learning atmosphere of the class. Or drop the class...

You registered for the class; you know when it starts -- for a grade you must attend as noted.

When this is said, sometimes students may show up late -- after the video has started, because of no fault of their own. If so, and this only happen once, you don't have to be embarrassed to walk in late -- but you will NOT receive any attendance points. You have the option to go to another class to make up the points...


x Students who in the dark do homework, fill in worksheets, or sleep will be asked to leave the room!

Unless you have a doctors written document that you must have the cell phone attached to your ear, your cell phone must be off or on vibrate and far away from your ear.

x Turn off the cell phone.

Do not answer your cell phone in the classroom. If you leave the room to answer your cell phone during a video you will loose the grade points for that video. Don't use your cell phone as a lamp in the classroom. If you need to check the time using your cell phone -- do it quickly and discreetly. (However, the film is not going to finish any faster just because you look at the clock).

x Finally a comment about eating and drinking in the classrooms:

The classroom is NOT a restaurant!

If you view the videos at the Starr County Campus, as per the STC policy you are not allowed to eat or drink in the auditorium. Do not bring food or drinks to the auditorium. Eat before class, or even better -- eat when you come back home.

The Pecan Campus classrooms do not have an eating and drinking policy, but this instructor does. Unless you have a doctors written document that you must eat and drink every 10 minutes, food or drinks are not allowed in the classroom (except for a small bag of candy and a bottle water that can be capped). Eat and drink BEFORE or AFTER class or during the short break.

xVisit the bathroom before class!

Remember, there will only be one 15-20 minutes break during these video sessions. If that is not enough time for you to walk to, visit, and return from the bathroom DON'T EAT OR DRINK immediately before the class, and visit the bathroom BEFORE class. Unless you have a doctors written document that you have some kind of digestive problems, if you return back to class after the video has started you lost your grade points for that video class meeting.

x A small snack is allowed and in a package that does not make disturbing noise every time you stick your hand it! I myself prefer "Fisherman's Friend"...

You are not sitting in Tinsel Town; you are at STC and watching a video for educational purposes... Give your teeth, mouth and digestive system a break during this class.

Dr. Nilsson


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