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xThe "Evolution worksheet quiz" is the old name on a quiz you must take before you can participate in the Town Hall meeting. The quiz is based on the reading assignments "the preface" and "the serve". These reading assignments and the quiz are a sincere attempt by the instructor to help students who have misunderstood evolution. The quiz is located on the Town Hall course shell, and it has has changed name and become much shorter since STC Blackboard moved to a new platform January, 2012.

The worksheet quiz serves two functions:

x To help non-science students, or beginning science/biology students to understand evolution -- or refresh knowledge if students have already had a biology course, to assure that the nation that led the world into the age of technology [the United States] will not fail to provide its own children with the intellectual tools needed for the 21st century (The National Science Board, "Failing our Children: Implications of The Third International Mathematics and Science Study". NSB-98-154. Arlington, VA: 1998.)

x To assure that all students, who want grade points for the Town Hall discussion, read the reading assignment, and PAY ATTENTION to both the quiz questions and the reading assignment. (I am sure many students would read it even if there were no worksheet quiz. However, the goal is to get ALL students to read it.) For this reason, and also because it is now shorter than before, students must EARN a 100 on the quiz in order to receive grade points and to be able to access the various discussions when they start in the Town Hall. As with all quizzes in classes taught by Dr. Nilsson and using Blackboard, the quiz is based on the philosophy of repetition to learn. So, even if the quiz difficulty level is low and many students EARN a 100 in the first attempt -- don't worry if you don't and must take the quiz several times. You will LEARN doing so!

x Since the worksheet quiz now is rather short, it will not open until the date noted in the semester calendar. xx

x As you of course already know, the reading assignments are located on Dr. Nilsson's Cyberclassroom, and is called The Preface and The Serve. Click on "Town hall meeting" on the class hub to access the links. (The "Preface" can also be accessed clicking on a link BELOW.)

x Let's get started! Keep an open mind! Education enlightens! x

x The Evolution Worksheet Quiz on Blackboard requires a password. The password is NOT required for security reasons, but to make sure that students read the reading assignment. The password is on this page, which is also the reading assignment page called The Preface You must at least go to the page to find the password. While there I recommend that you read the page.

Dr. Nilsson

The grading criteria for a particular class may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances to meet the needs of a particular class. The instructor therefore reserves the right to alter (add, delete, or revise) any items of the above, online or via verbal instructions in class. The student is responsible for taking note of any such changes and acting accordingly.

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