x (Online students) The semester project is a "field" class assignment you must do outdoors, on your own individually or in small groups. It does require a digital camera -- most cell phones have one these days. If you don't have a camera, work in a group where at least one of the group members have access to a digital camera. For more information see the Grading Criteria. The final submission of the Semester Project will be near the end of the semester. Earlier in the semester you must submit a "Project Selection" -- posting which of the projects you intend to do, with a short description of what you plan to do. Submit the "Project Selection" in the same folder on Blackboard Plaza where you later will submit the final completed project -- in a folder conveniently called SEMESTER PROJECT.

(F2F students) Face-to-Face students will get project instructions in the classroom.

x Dr. Nilsson

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