I'm the Teacher, You're the Student

x "The title refers to my belief that the teacher should take control in the classroom. The students come there not to be my friend but to learn history. I know it; they don't, so it's my responsibility to create conditions in which they can learn it.

x It is not a democratic or egalitarian situation. If they query my rules and regulations I sometimes say:

x 'Ah well, I'm the teacher, you're the student, so you must put up with it.'

x I've found that students are well-behaved and work hard if you make it clear to them right from the beginning that you have high expectations and high standards. They're very eager (at least here at Emory) to get good grades, and will strive to meet my expectations so long as I'm not unreasonable."

Patrick Allitt (Professor of U.S. History at Emory University) in: Rosen, Christine. 2004. I'm the Teacher, You're the Student. National Review Online. (http://www.nationalreview.com) (Search URL: http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=ODVlMTllNDIwNjRhZjdkYTZkNjRiNDJjNTljOWE1ZDg=)