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The documents linked to on this page are very important for your success as a college student. If you have not experienced some of these kinds of documents before you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with them.

A syllabus is an academic contract between you -- the student, and the professor. It lists all the class rules such as attendance, grades, and assignments. It will help you to do your job, e.g., do the assignments, and study for exams. The three most important parts of the syllabus (the semester calendar, the grading criteria, and the grade recorder) have a direct link below. If you wish to access the complete syllabus click the "Section Outline (STC)" button.





The semester calendar informs about the sequence of events and assignments.
The grading criteria informs about what students will be graded on in the class and how many points each assignment is worth.
The grade recorder is a list of the class assignment with DEADLINES for students to print out and fill in EARNED grades and due dates.

The Section Outline (STC) is the official syllabus required by STC -- with a very simple calendar (outline) of the course available until the full detailed Semester Calendar will be available

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