The setup is different than other online classes I have taken at STC, it is a self pace with almost all activities open. I preferred this setup which gives enough room to make priority adjustments throughout the semester with other traditional or online classes. STC should consider this kind of setup for all online courses. Sooner or later the Rio Grande Valley will have a very strong non-traditional student population that will include primary and secondary education. It will be encouraging to see students working on their homework on electronic devices and submitting them on the spot.

An aspect that intrigued my thoughts was evolution. I had prior background on the subject as a result of previous awareness through PBS or personal research; nevertheless, Darwin is one of my favorite historical figures to study, who contributed and coined the idea of evolution theory, and will continue to study him by reading his works. Darwin's understanding on evolution continues to challenge anyone who is less informed on the full picture of biology.

Will you consider teaching a second course on this subject? It will be great to have an eight credit course on environmental science. I believe future students taking this class will; be informed, be academically challenged, and be culturally renewed of their own existence. (Student, Biol. 2306.V01, Fall semester 2010)