After graduation I was looking forward to the start of my college career, but like many I decided to start off locally and was extremely disappointed in my experience at UTB. It was a repeat of high school.

When I transferred to STC my expectations were, quite honestly, less that hopeful but I unenthusiastically enrolled at this community college because of the tuition costs. My first semester proved my assumption to be true, as well as this semester but with the exception of this class.

The first day I navigated the class web pages and read the requirements I thought, "Holy moley!" but this class proved to be what I was yearning for educationally for so many years. I had somewhat lost hope for an intellectual, thought provoking class but this class was the defibrillator that saved my hope for a quality learning experience. It truly made the semester a productive one. (Student, Biol. 2306.V01, Spring 2009.)