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I take great pride when I get e-mail or bulletin board messages from students complimenting this class and my teaching method. These comments are a mixture of Environmental Biology, General Biology I and II , online, hybrid, and F2F classes. I try to collect messages that I take to my heart -- I know have missed collecting some, but below is a list of messages I so far have dug up from dedicated students. (Thank you, if you are an old student and recognize your message!)

There are quite a few comments below -- even though several I remember reading but fogot to collect are now "hidden" somewhere in my deep computer files, so if you don't have time to read all of them -- read the text highlighted in light blue color for each comment and perhaps in orange color -- and make sure that you read the instructors comment at the end (bottom of page)...

After graduation I was looking forward to the start of my college career, but like many I decided to start off locally and was extremely disappointed in my experience at UTB. It was a repeat of high school. When I transferred to STC my expectations were, quite honestly, less that hopeful but I unenthusiastically enrolled at this community college because of the tuition costs. My first semester proved my assumption to be true, as well as this semester but with the exception of this class. The first day I navigated the class web pages and read the requirements I thought, "Holy moley!" but this class proved to be what I was yearning for educationally for so many years. I had somewhat lost hope for an intellectual, thought provoking class but this class was the defibrillator that saved my hope for a quality learning experience. It truly made the semester a productive one. (Student, Biol. 2306.V01, Spring 2009.) B&W

As this class draws to a close, I just had to say I'm really going to miss it! This has been such a great opportunity for me to challenge myself after all the classes I have had where professors drive me mad "babying" the students. I really did not expect to have had this class be as engaging as it was. I remember being slightly overwhelmed when I first read the syllabus and grading criteria, but as soon as I got the hang of it all I have to say it was so much fun! Even my husband loved to read the postings and watch the videos! We looked forward to reading your replies (especially for some of the ridiculous postings!) I appreciate the opportunity to speak my mind about real world topics and debate with others. Eugene and jacqueline with a little j...I have so enjoyed reading your postings as well! Dr. Nilsson, you are one in a are truly a breath of fresh air! (Student, Biol. 2306.V02, Spring 2009.)

Did I learn this semester? I would think it would not say much of me as a student and be an insult to my professor if I hadn't. The opportunity for learning was embedded in every assignment, whether or not it was unearthed was solely up to the student. This has been my favorite class in the history of my learning! I have been exposed to various aspects of the world we live in and venture to say that I have grown as a student. This class is so unique! I appreciated being able to speak my mind about various topics and more so appreciated that Dr. Nilsson was such an interactive professor. This class helped reinforce the fact that we never stop learning and as students we must be prepared to put in the effort we need to reflect the grade we desire. (Student, Biol. 2306.V02, Spring 2009.)

Another aspect I enjoyed from this class was the discussions on the town hall bulletin board. One of the discussions I really liked and feel that I have learned a great deal from, is the Adam and Eve discussion. Being able to participate in this discussion and to give my opinion about the topic was a learning experience. I now know what evolution is and where we originated from. This is not because I was convinced; it is because I learned through the discussions that Dr. Nilsson will post as replies to some of the postings by other students. I just want to thank Dr. Nilsson for the teaching techniques he used as he conducted this class and all that I learned from him. He has helped me to be more knowledgeable about evolution and in turn prepared me to be a good professional educator. I really believe that if there were more dedicated instructors like Dr. Nilsson every one who was to take this class will definitely learn and make a difference in any field of study that they chose to follow. (Student, Biol. 2306.V03, Spring 2009)

This is by far the hardest, yet easiest class I have ever had in my life! I have to admit I hated science so much. I could never keep up with the loads of information that is given to one at a time. This class is so different, though. Dr. Nilsson, I have to say you really know how actually teach a class. Notice that I say teach, which means that most of your students actually learn something, not necessarily involving science. That is great because on most of my classes, I have never learned a thing. I like the way you divide things for us to keep up with and leave it in our hands to actually learn. After all, that is why we come to college, to learn. Thank you for opening up the door to so much new knowledge to me. (Student, Biol. 2306.V04, Spring 2009.)

In the education part of this course I have realized that I have been able to be more open-minded and see what is really true. I have realized that evolution is what really is happening and isn't a fictional story. I have learned that some people are still very close-minded but, not me I have been able to show people that I have and will always have a very open-mind to many new things. If they are able to provide evidence why not believe it is a fact. I have learned that the ignorance of some people isn't going to change the way I think. I feel I am more educated because I have learned even more in this class then I has learned in any other class. I feel more educated and that I can show other people my way of thinking and that I will be able to make a change just like I have changed my way of thinking in this class. (Student, Biol. 2306.V04, spring semester 2009)

This semester has changed me in many ways. First of all I have learned how to take class more seriously and to take care of my education. It is extremely valuable and no one can take it from me. I have experienced a professor who actually is here to inspire and educate, which I have benefited greatly from. In this class I have learned that there is actually a world out there and is filled with real events. The discussions gave me courage to speak out in what I really thought and not worry about how self conscious I was. I have gained some confidence in myself on expressing my thoughts and opinions. I said what I had to say in our class discussions and it felt really good. It was refreshing that other students agreed with me and liked what I had to say. I believe I have grown from this class experience and I am grateful for professors like Dr. Nilsson and students like those who have participated in this class. (Student, Biol. 2306.V05, Spring 2009.)

Well to finalize my thoughts, I had never before had a class so challenging in many ways than this class. Not even my math classes were that challenging. This class had me on my toes always reading the postings (after I found my way through the different web pages) always trying to catch up with schedule and the rest of the class. I would definitely recommend this professor to anyone that is willing to learn. I really liked your strategies, and since I am going for teaching, I feel that this is an excellent way to get students to learn the material. (Student, Biol. 2306.PY2, Spring 2009.)

Since the net is up, let's discuss. At the beginning of the semester evolution was a forgotten topic in my brain. Throughout these months I have learned tremendously. Thanks to the evolution quiz that I had to take 5 times before I payed attention, I can now tell anyone that dinosaurs went extinct about 65 billion years and that humans never lived at the same time as them. With all of the facts that were presented to me, I can now admit that I am an ape descendant, and if anyone questions me I feel confident enough to explain all of the evidence (facts) or to have a debate. If even leaders of the catholic religion accept evolution, how can some students taking this course remain so uneducated and close-minded and still argue about it? This is surprising! It really means that our education from middle school and high school is very poor, and that so many years of sunday school were really informational for them. It also shows how uneducated some people want to remain. I find it ironic, or maybe not at all, that the students who argue the most against evolution are the same students that have the hardest time spelling, and they can't seem to learn to use a spell check. The only good part is that they can't say they were not exposed to the truth. I loved learning about the horse. Although I had some information about evolution I never knew that their toes evolved. One more thing, I have to say that the unique way Dr. Nilsson answers questions or doubts is very detailed and perhaps the best way I have seen to make us learn and really think about what we are writing and asking. What I am really trying to say is that he doesn't answer the question he makes you think! Perhaps this is the only way an educator can get students to think on their own. (Student, Biol. 2306.?, Spring 2009)

I learned more than what I thought. I remember reading from Dr. Nilsson's instructions that this class is the most important class of our academic life. Honestly, I started thinking about it, and as the semester was going by, I continued supporting his thoughts. At this point I can say that I will never forget this class, because this class provided me with important knowledge of what should be in top of our priorities' list and that is to take care of our environment. (Student, Biol. 2306.V60, Summer III, 2009.)

I have to say that I'm glad this was the last course I had to take before graduation. I can honestly say that this class is my favorite class. I had never felt so engaged in any other class like I have with this one. It's the only class I've ever taken online and it's been the most challenging. It's taken me seven years to obtain my bachelor's degree and this class is the only class that I'll never forget. Dr. Nilsson, THANK YOU for such a wonderful experience. (Student, Biol. 2306.V61, Summer III 2009.)

At first I was overwhelmed by all the links and the assignments, but soon learned how to navigate through the website and manage my time effectively. I learned a great deal of information about our environment, how to read instructions, and the geography of our world. A great accomplishment for me was learning where continents, oceans, countries, and states were located on the map because it seemed almost impossible for me at the beginning of the semester. Everything is possible as long as we work hard and never stop reaching for our dreams. Thanks Dr. Nilsson for a great semester of learning! (Student, Biol. 2306.V61, Summer III, 2009.)

I learned so much this semester. The most useful information came from the town hall discussions where I learned to be open-minded and accepting of evolution theories. My geography skills also became stronger thanks to the drills. Finally, procrastination is a disease that can be overcome. This class kept me on task at all times, especially after missing my first important deadline (midterm discussions). I knew I had to redeem myself so I worked hard until the end. I might not get the A that I desired, but I already know I have gained a lot of knowledge from this course. (Student, Biol. 2306.GY2, Fall semester, 2009.) [The student EARNED an A -- INSTRUCTORS COMMENT.]

Honestly, I didn't even know this was an online class till the first day of class. I had help from my husband and adviser when I registered this semester. It was many many things; interesting, agonizing, fulfilling, rewarding, stressing, but overall rewarding. I was in a lot of self denial before this class. Now though I can't hide that all of it scares and concerns me. I have gained the knowledge to help myself, my community, and even the Earth, which I'm proud of. I know I gained so many facts that are worth value. Now we can teach it to our offspring and students. I would definatly recommend this class to all students. (Student, Biol. 2306.PY1, Fall semester, 2009.)

I love the way this class is imparted by Dr. Nilsson. I have to admit that I get very annoyed with professors that feed students information and that repeat everything a million times! All that goes through my mind is: "I'm not in elementary anymore!" Professors like Dr. Nilsson are the ones that I will always remember because they make me work, think, and learn, not just memorize. Classes like these prepare students for the "real world". I realize that I won't be held by the hand all my life, I have learned to be responsible for my own decisions, I have become a problem solver (thank you critical thinking) and I know that if there is anyone I can count on to get things done, it's myself. Having the opportunity to learn from professors like Dr. Nilsson is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had during my college endeavor. (Student, Biol. 2306.PY2, Fall semester, 2009.)

To sum it up in one word, wow! The endless hours I spent on this darn computer not to mention the sleepless nights due to a heated discussion that kept me up are all worth it now. This class has been the most challenging and yes the most time consuming of all my classes this semester. I can honestly say that I'm going to miss it a little. I just want to thank my classmates for letting me see things in their perspective and I want to thank my professor for having the patience with us. It's been quite a learning experience but I'm still here and yes even a little smarter too! (Student, Biol. 2306.V01, Fall semester, 2009.)

I know that grades are suppose to reflect what you have learned. Unfortunately a lot of people like me go blank when it comes to taking a test, even if I know the material, but one thing I am sure of I will never forget this class and the way it would make me think about any assignment I would do. No matter what grade I end up with it was great to feel throughout the whole semester like an A student, doing the assignments and using my brain absorbing little things that normally by me would have been looked over. (Student, Biol. 2306.V01, Fall semester, 2009.)

I can't believe the end of the semester is here. I will admit, I will miss this challenging course, and I hope to come across more professors such as Dr. Nilsson. This course has opened up my mind on things I had never really thought before. Not a day goes by that I don't come across a familiar topic that I have read about in this class; topics such as global warming, animal cruelty, genetics, to evolution. The evolution part of this class was awesome. I learned so much, and now evolution makes more sense to me. I am not saying I have learned it all, because this is only the beginning for me. This class has raised a lot of concerns and unanswered questions on my part. I will continue to seek and search for information. I thank you Dr. Nilsson, for educating me, opening up my mind, and helping me learn how to use my brain a little more, and for providing us all with interesting and useful information. Most of all, I have learned what I am capable of doing on my own! My goal is to educate myself more, in order to better educate others. Thanks to all for making this class interesting. (Student, Biol. 2306.V01, Fall semester, 2009.)

At the beginning of the semester I was very lost and panic with the amount of work load I saw, but once I got myself organized and read everything, I came to realize that everything was self explanatory. As long as you read your deadlines and instructions, everything would be fine. Once I got myself organized, I was able to perform my duties that at times, I would post more than the required in which helped me in the long run. It was all about reading carefully and time management. It is so true what Dr. Nilsson said in the beginning of the semester, he does not give us a grade, we earn it. I have learned that those of us that submitted our assignments on time and as per instructions, we are taking education seriously. I really enjoyed that everything had a deadline and needed to be completed according to his instructions because when we actually become teachers that is something we will have to be dealing with all the time. I really enjoyed this class since it helped me be more open mind to what is really happening around us. Like how they tell my daughter in school, "Make it a great day or not, the choice is your". If you pass this class, you chose to make each day a great day and it has now paid us with the grade we earned. I hope everyone else also enjoyed the class like I did. :) (Student, Biol. 2306.V02, Fall semester, 2009.)

This was an interesting class I will tell you that! It was a challenge for my this semester! when I first started your class and opened your web page for the first time, I will tell you that I was overwhelmed and wanted to cry, but I stuck through it and tried my best. It was a new thing for me because I had never taken an online class and when I took yours I didn't know what to do. The project was very interesting to me this semester because it was a new experience for me. It was an activity that I had never done and I can tell you Dr. that It felt so good to give back to the community and I also wanted to thankyou, for what you do because there should be more teachers like you that give to animals in need. When I did this project I felt so good with my self that I have done it a couple of more times and will continue to give back to those animals. I do want to thankyou for everything and for giving me a challenge this year. (Student, Biol. 2306.V03, Fall semester, 2009.)

I have to be honest the first day I opened the page for this class I tought what is this teacher thinking this is alot of work how am i gona get thru this..hmm well know im at the end of the class and I have to say its not as hard as i tought it would be we just have to learn to do our work turn it in on time and participate on everything.I never had,had a professor like you but know I wish there was more professor like you because like you have said this is college not highschool no more.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DR.NILSSON!! (Student, Biol. 2306.V03, Fall semester, 2009.)

This class has made me realize that obtaining A's should be a mere reflection of a student's effort and learning of the subject matter, instead of a reward for showing up to class or being "nice" to the student. This might get someone through high school, but college is not like that. We need to set ourselves goals that will enable us to become better, wiser, and critical thinkers. Dr. Nilsson by far did a tremendous job in providing us with the resources one needs to learn: self-responsibility, self-determination. He didn't baby us, and for that I will thank him always. This will help me to take responsibilities more seriously and give my education the importance it deservesŠafter all that's the way it works in the real world. I'm left without words to say, but simply let you know that I will miss your class. (Student, Biol. 2306.V03, Fall semester, 2009.)

I wanted to take some time to say Thank you! This class has been my favorite from over 25 years of college classes. I learned more about the environment and the desperate need for each and everyone to get involved instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining about it. I can say without reservation that this has been the most thought provoking yet enjoyable class that I have had in 25 years. Thank You Dr. Nilsson. (Student, Biol. 2306.V01, Spring 2010.)

I am a Senior at UTPA with a major in Interdisciplinary studies and a minor in Spanish. My prospective graduation date from UTPA is Fall 2010. This is my first time taking an online course and I must admit I am very impressed by what I have seen so far in this course. At first I took this course to satisfy graduation requirements, but I have to say the professor sure makes a great first impression with his online course information. It looks like it's going to be a challenging course with a lot of educational rewards. . (Student, Biol. 2306.V61, Summer III 2010.)

The setup is different than other online classes I have taken at STC, it is a self pace with almost all activities open. I preferred this setup which gives enough room to make priority adjustments throughout the semester with other traditional or online classes. STC should consider this kind of setup for all online courses. Sooner or later the Rio Grande Valley will have a very strong non-traditional student population that will include primary and secondary education. It will be encouraging to see students working on their homework on electronic devices and submitting them on the spot.

An aspect that intrigued my thoughts was evolution. I had prior background on the subject as a result of previous awareness through PBS or personal research; nevertheless, Darwin is one of my favorite historical figures to study, who contributed and coined the idea of evolution theory, and will continue to study him by reading his works. Darwin's understanding on evolution continues to challenge anyone who is less informed on the full picture of biology.

Will you consider teaching a second course on this subject? It will be great to have an eight credit course on environmental science. I believe future students taking this class will; be informed, be academically challenged, and be culturally renewed of their own existence. (Student, Biol. 2306.V01, Fall semester 2010) B&W

This class has been one of two classes that I've taken online, and I have to say that this course was nothing compared to the biology online class that I had taken. Dr. Nilsson gets students to think outside the square and I think that doing so that's when we actually learn. The combination of case studies, geography drills, chapter quizzes, and class discussions were excellent formula for student involvement and learning. The semester project that I did for this class is an unforgettable one. I truly enjoyed going to the shelter, it was a rewarding experience. I had never gone to an animal shelter; as a matter of fact I didn't even know there was one in Edinburg. I have to say that even though I didn't participate as much as I would have liked to in the class discussions, the discussions were in fact my favorite part of this class. Thanks Dr. Nilsson for such an interesting class and a great way of teaching. (Student, Biol. 2306.V01, Fall semester 2010)

All in all, this class was great! It was challenging yet rewarding. This class kept me on my toes. There is no falling behind because then it is hard to catch up. Taking this class helped me view things differently and it also helped me learn different things. This class has also taught me to be open-minded. I wish all classes were like this. Thanks for a great semester Dr. Nilsson! (Student, Biol. 2306.V01, Fall semester 2010)

I can honestly and sadly say this is the first class that I've taken that forced me to do work at EARNING my grade. I had to actually be actively involved like doing the discussions, the chapter tests, the drills, case studies, etc. I think I got more out of the class because it wasn't in the class room and I had to rely on myself to watch the semester calendar for deadlines and directions. I had to push myself, on my own and that's how I believe it's supposed to be. All in all, I learned A LOT, I loved this class and since I wanted to retake Biology 1, I decided to take it with you because I think you're a great professor. I have already written a review in can tell which one's mine. Anyways, I really hope everyone else feels as I do and appreciates your style of teaching, because they're not likely to come across it any time soon, at least not in the Valley. (Student, Biol. 2306.V01, Fall semester 2010)

I am glad I took this class it really helped me open my mind and look at the world in a different way. Thank you I not only learned but I was also teaching my daughter some of the information as well. The part we enjoyed was how we were related to chimps and we loved the videos. Thank you for pushing us to learn and open our minds I wish I would have had professor like you through my life. (Student, Biol. 2306.PY1, Fall semester 2010)

I could say that this is one of the hardest and challenging classes I've ever taken because it involves so many things and it's a lot of information that we need to learn. I really liked it because it covered so many important things that we all should be aware in order to better understand the concept of evolution, our environment, and life as well. I can honestly say that I've never seen professors like Dr. Nilsson because he is an excellent instructor and very organized and he really wants for us to learn. (Student, Biol. 2306.V02, Spring semester 2011)

I have to admit registering for this class was NOT on my top ten lists, BUT I HAD TO REGISTER BECAUSE IT IS A PREREQ. FOR MICROBIOLOGY, which I wanted to register with Mr. Wheat.:)......HOWEVER,,,taking this course is not what keeps me on my toes, because my major is in the medical field, so I already know most of the work that there is in BIOLOGY.....WHAT KEEPS ME ON MY TOES IS DR.NILSSON AND HES AGGRESIVE AND UNIQUE WAY OF MAKING US THINK AND DEBATE...I ACTUALLY HAVE FRIENDS AND FAMILY BESIDE ME, WAITING IN ATICEPATION WHILE IM LOGGING IN TO BIOLOGY COURSE TO READ WHAT DR. Nilsson has to written in regards to our beliefs... This course is JAW-DROPPING, Eye opening, and KNOWLEDGEABLE....... Dr.Nilsson makes us students and readers, get upset, mad and become researchers.... The reason why I say reseachers is because to reply to Dr.Nilsson, I need to be positive about the facts. I HAVE NEVER DEBATED AND QUESTIONED SO MUCH ON MY BELIEFS AND MY IQ, UNTIL THIS COURSE WITH DR.NILSSON. EVEN THOUGH I TOOK PHILOSOPHY)WHICH IS A DEBATE CLASS). Dr.Nilsson, thank you, for challenging my knowledge, and my intelligence, I CAN HONESTLY SAY DR.NILSSON, YOU MADE ME LOOK AT TEACHERS A WHOLE DIFFERENT WAY .... :) (Student, Biol. 1408.V63, Summer III semester 2011)

I definitely learned a lot in your class Dr. Nilsson. I learned that repetition definetly drills the knowledge into our brains. When you, Dr.Nilsson, had me re-typing photosynthesis and cellular respiration over and over in the quizzes, I was so fed up I even dreamed of the order. But hey, I learned because of that! I also learned the by following simple instructions, there is no way we can never fail. We just have to read through the instructions. I appreciate your time and effort. When I first saw the class, I was like "Great, so much reading material." As the class progressed, I saw that it wasn't just any reading material; your information was actually interesting to read. You made learning fun for me, which is what a lot of teachers lack. Most teachers teach just to get paid, you teach because you love it. I wish you taught my other classes I need as well. You challenged me, and I definitely love the challenge. Hopefully, we meet again soon in another class! (Student, Biol. 1408.V70, Summer III semester 2012)

I really loved this class. Through my experience, I have learned that there aren't many classes that can provide a lasting effect on the student. The set-up implemented by Professor Nilsson gave each student an opportunity to explore themselves as well as the world around them. We were encouraged to ask questions, not only to others to but ourselves. This aspect of the class really gave me a better idea of how every class, regardless of the assignment structure, should be approached. Going through the motions is no longer my perogative. A newfound love for examination and understanding is the most prominent effect this course has had on me. (Student, Biol. 1408.V70, Summer III semester 2012)

One thing I can say I believe in my religion, but was open minded to any information that was provided by the instructor or any student. I can honestly say the discussions were a blast as well as some of the feedback. I would like to think some classmates that discussed and helped with a few assignments and that made this class a lot easier. I had hoped that Dr. Nilsson would teach online Biology II, but unfortunately that was not in the cards, so thank you Dr. Nilsson and everyone enjoy the rest of your summer. [This has now changed and STC is allowing me to teach online General Biology II -- INSTRUCTORS COMMENT.] (Student, Biol. 1408.V70, Summer III semester 2012)

This coarse was one of my favorites I taken in STC. Im taking with me many informative knowledge about many different topics, discussions, and research I did in in this coarse. After doing the quizzes, case studies, discussion, geo drills, and exams now I see everything in such a different perspective. This class actually makes you think beyond and after doing that everything seems to make sense. Environmental Biology ROCKS!! (Student, Biol. 2406.V60, Summer III semester 2012)

I have had several online courses and not learned one thing, because I was only doing what was due to get by. This class makes you actually get into the class you have to follow directions everything is specified by detail on what you have to do. When I didn't understand something I would just read, read, read everything you need to know is posted, you just need your cup of coffee and read everything once or twice. I liked that we were not pressured that we had most due dates at the end of the semester. That made me want to take care of my school work a lot faster that actually dragging around forcing an assignments. I worked better at my own pace, and knowing it couldn't affect me just as long as it was turned in before its due date. The general class discussions and town hall help you keep on your toes very interesting discussions that make you want to interact more and more. I also learned a lot by having our quizzes open and being able to do it more than once. If I didn't understand the subject I could take time read the chapter again and go back and fix my errors and I would actually learn not just read. I really liked the videos it helped me know what we were talking about and if I was in the right track. Over all I have to say it kept me on my toes with an open mind. (Student, Biol. 2406.V60, Summer III semester 2012)

I have to say that this semester I definitely learned more than what I thought I would. For the most part I've always thought of biology as uninteresting and too complicated but this time around I have changed my opinion and am eager to learn more. Before this semester I could have gone on with my life with no idea that there were ongoing injustices against animals even here in the Valley. I learned that biology is not just about books and microscopes but about getting out in the world and doing hands on learning as well. This class definitely expanded my knowledge and I wouldn't mind taking another biology class again. (Student, Biol. 1409.G01, Fall semester 2012)

Dr. Nilsson I am very happy to have taken this course with you. I'm not going to lie I was nervous when I first entered your class and when you first gave us instructions. But after seeing everything I realized it was going to be easy. I learned many things this semester; I honestly never thought I would enjoy a Biology course. I learned that we have to keep an open mind about everything. I really liked having you as my professor because I believed you challenged our minds to really think. You are a very nice person. Thank you for your teachings. See you in Environmental Biology next semester. (Student, Biol. 1409.G01, Fall semester 2012)

Dr. Nilsson I am so glad to have you as my Biology 2 Instructor. Never change your way of teaching, you made this class easy for everyone. When I first started the semester, I was scared of not passing the class. But I learned a lot of biology, and everything around it, bones, kingdoms, microscopes species, overpopulation, ecology, to sum up, immensity of great things. Overall I loved this class. I will see you next semester for Environmental Biology... (Student, Biol. 1409.G01, Fall semester 2012)

This class truly teaches you how ultimately, your education is in your power. Learning is most likely to take place when the individual wants to learn. A big self-skill this class develops is time-management which is very important to have as a student. I strongly believe that setting 90 as a criterion for the next assignment was very effective because it gave me the opportunity to truly master everything that was to be learned. The blackboard class discussions taught me about the many misconceptions that people reiterate rather than what is real in science. The town hall discussions strengthened my beliefs about sharing a common ancestor with the chimpanzees and allowed me to share with others to not be close-minded as I once was. This course was by far the best online course I have taken which actually allowed learning to take place. As time-consuming as it was to read articles, watch videos, etc. it forced students to self-teach in away and learn about important and crucial things about environmental biology. Everything we learned in this class was relevant and significant knowledge that I will carry on as a teacher. (Student, Biol. 2406.V01, Fall semester 2012)

I learned many things this semester. Reading all textbook chapters help me so much in gaining knowledge and doing all the quizzes. The blackboard discussions topics were very interesting to me. In these discussions you have a more social aspect in getting to opportunity to communicate with all the classmates from all the classes. I enjoyed everyday reading everyone's discussion. I really enjoyed you class Dr. Nilsson. It's so amazing how you have everything so detailed with great class material, videos, newspaper articles, statistics charts. I believe you have a great strategy with this class and should continue with it. Overall, I had a great semester in your class and thank you so much for everything. (Student, Biol. 2406.V01, Fall semester 2012)

Ending comment from the instructor:

Understand that it will take more than 30 minutes to figure out what to do in this class. If you have problems with the class you must FIRST read the online information. Then go to the Help Desk/Student Collaboration bulletin board. Class questions -- that is questions of interest to other students in class -- will NOT be addressed via e-mail! If you have technical problem with Blackboard (or computer related problems) call the Blackboard Help Desk telephone number 872 - 2598, and/or use the "Blackboard Help" tool -- link in the green fram on the Blackboard Designated Homepage for the class.).

This is a college class! It is not a hard class, but it is what I call a "WORK CLASS"! You work, you repeat, you learn, and you earn (a good grade)!

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